Update on right hip

I’m finishing up 8 days of rest, after dropping out of the Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon. I felt that distinctive and painful “pulling” in my hip within the first 5 miles (where we started going uphill a bit). It became a painful struggle thereafter, and I knew after 10K I needed to jog it back in to the finish.

I got an MRI on Friday and got the report back yesterday– I have a partial tear in the right hamstring tendon (“tendinitis” at this point), edema in the bone, and greater trochanteric bursitis. Crazy enough, my left side (which I tore 2 yrs ago at Grandma’s) looks worse on the MRI than the right side, but it’s my right side that’s painful and debilitating right now.  [Read more…]

When your friends (and everything around you) reminds you not to give up.

It’s 7:25am this morning, and I’m plodding up a hill towards Dolese Park as the sun is rising. You may not believe I ever “plod”, but judging by my easy run pace on Strava, this morning I was going 30 sec/mile slower than my typical easy run pace, which puts me at close to 9:00/mi. Why extra slow? Because I felt a pull in my hamstring yesterday in my first race since July– the kind of pull that makes you go “uh oh” and subconsciously makes you hold back the rest of the way. Gotta be extra cautious now to see how it feels.

As I’m going up the hill and feeling mixed emotions, I look to my right and see a ~junior high girl wearing the dreaded “boot” AND shooting hoops in her driveway! How much you wanna bet she wishes she was playing b-ball with her teammates?! Her legs may not be willing… but her arms are… and she’s still getting out there and doing something! I was impressed!

Thank you Mr. Possum for making me smile this morning. :)

I continue up the hill and see what looks like a possum in someone’s yard. I run down the street to see if it really IS a possum, and sure enough it is! I look at the possum, he looks at me, and I start smiling because it reminds me that “this is why I run”!

The “signs” are all around– cheering me up, inspiring, and reminding me to “keep moving”! I’ve been on a roller-coaster, physically and emotionally, the past 2 1/2 yrs (or more like the past 5 yrs!). I do remind myself when I’m running at my best to “embrace those moments”, because I know they will be fleeting. Then there’s moments, like this morning, when I wake up and want to cry because I’ve made so much progress with my fitness/hamstring… only to be one “hamstring injury away from oblivion” (as the great marathoner Steve Jones once said). [Read more…]


A fTimex Run Trainer 2.0ew weeks ago I created a Strava account just to see what it is and how it works. I realized the Timex Run Trainer 2.0 watch I’d gotten for free over a year ago had been collecting dust on my dresser, and I needed to find a way to use it in a meaningful way. Since I’m not keen on keeping an online log, I thought Strava would be a way to occasionally use my GPS watch and upload runs. This means 1) Actually learning how to use the GPS watch and save/upload workouts to my computer, and 2) Learning how to use Strava.

What is Strava? From what I can tell it’s another website to upload workouts and follow friends. However, the cool thing is it tracks segments (or you can set up segments from your runs) and keeps track of who’s the “fastest” for those segments. Thus, it’s a way to get competitive in your training. [Read more…]

Training and health update

Fun with microCT!

Fun with microCT!

I’ve been quiet the past month with my blog… and for good reason! I’m busy! 2 wks ago I gave my first research presentation in 7 yrs! It reminded me of how crazy stressful grad school was (and how running often went to the back burner!). It was for the first major project I started working on last spring, which has provided some interesting results!

I’ve also been managing several projects (and people!) at work– rarely have I spent significant time in our actual lab (or at a computer!). I’ve spent a lot of time at the animal facility and working with scanning live animals on the microCT.

I got that post-run glow! #skechers

I got that post-run glow! #skechersniteowls

Since getting through my presentation and getting back in a normal routine, I’ve finally felt a bit of relief! It’s also starting to show in how I feel while running– flowing again and feeling excited to train and race! [Read more…]

Upcoming fall races

prairiefiremarathonI’m working on piecing together races for the next few months. I have two races confirmed that I’m excited about– the Run Then Wine Marathon in Las Cruces, NM on Sept. 20th and the Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, KS on Oct. 12th! My friend Cheryl, who lives in Las Cruces, told me about Run Then Wine, which is a new race that starts and finishes in front of the Luna Rossa Winery and Pizzeria. I’ve wanted to do the Prairie Fire Marathon for a few years, so this is my shot to both go for a win in KS and go after the KS State Record (2:48:37). Both races have been very welcoming and hospitable, so I highly recommend them if anyone is free these weekends and looking for neat races in either States!

2014 Run Then Wine – 2016 US Olympics trials qualifier