Cowtown- finally back racing!

2015-02-27 17.47.49

A little blurry, but we saw several flipped mobile homes, trucks, and cars on our drive to Ft. Worth!

2015-02-27 18.44.00

This is what our view was like most of the drive to Ft. Worth! Fortunately, using my iphone map I was able to see traffic patterns and take a few side roads to avoid this.

This weekend, I took a detour for my first big race in many months! Instead of racing the Caumsett 50K/US Championship, we decided to stay closer to home and run the Cowtown 50K. My sponsor (and a sponsor for Cowtown),, was putting up a prize purse for the second year, including breaking the course record for the 50K. When I started adding up the costs and benefits of going to Cowtown vs. Caumsett (including the possibility of making the US 50K Team), everything made more sense to race Cowtown. After much deliberation on whether to run the marathon or 50K, I committed to the 50K at Cowtown! My teammate, Bryan Morseman, also committed to the 50K– both of us wanting to earn consideration for the US 50K Team.

I could write a book on the bizarre twists and turns the past 10 years– this weekend was no exception! Dealing with crazy snow and ice across this part of the country, we ended up leaving a day early (Fri.) to drive to Ft. Worth. A normally 3 hr drive… took nearly 7 hrs! No worries- we were going to get there sooner or later and still have a day to chill out. Bryan, who’s flights from upstate NY were cancelled and told he couldn’t fly out until Sun. (!), ended up DRIVING 22 hrs, with his whole family, to Ft. Forth!!! The crazy things we do to make our dreams a reality…. [Read more…]

Selected to serve as the USOC Athlete Services Coordinator for the 2015 Pan American Games!

panamgames201110+ years ago, it was my life goal to serve athletes in some capacity. I had no idea that I would become ‘the athlete’! When I made the 2011 US Pan American Team in the marathon, I was on cloud 9 at the time! I didn’t know, however, that it would open me up to many more opportunities….

I’ve come around full circle now to my original life goal. I found out I was selected to serve as the USOC Athlete Services Coordinator for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto! I’ll be spending the month of July in Toronto, helping to prepare the team and site for the athletes!!! How cool is that?! Dreams really do come true. I’m thrilled and honored I finally get to give back to the athletes. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to apply. Can’t wait to see who makes the PanAm Team!!!

Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon Trials

olympictrialsfirstmileThis week, there’s been several people who have directed questions to me about eligibility criteria to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. Being involved with USATF, I’ve been able to help direct them to the appropriate people and resources within USATF. I thought I would point out some key criteria to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon Trials.

Of significance, the race must not only be a USATF certified course, but also USATF sanctioned. You should check with the race director to ensure that they are, indeed, USATF sanctioned. There’s also a database of sanctioned events here: [Read more…]

Making a comeback to racing after an extended break

The breakthrough 10K I ran in 2010 that brought much relief- hanging out with my friends Lucie and Jennifer after the race.

The breakthrough 10K I ran in 2010 that brought much relief- hanging out with my friends Lucie and Jennifer after the race.

Every time I comeback from an injury and extended break, I have to remind myself that the first race is always the hardest part! You have no idea how to pace yourself appropriately, it’s a lung buster, tense, awkward, you hope you don’t reinjure yourself, and there’s so much anxiety and doubt. After that, it gets much easier! [Read more…]

Ditch your GPS and learn to COMPETE.

Patti Dillon- “The girl who could fly”.

I was reading an article last week by Luke Humphrey of the Hanson’s group. He was talking about the problems with GPS and how dependent people have become on GPS. Namely, how some people think it’s more accurate than the guy who certified the course with a Jones Counter. How many times have you heard someone say after a race, “My Garmin showed the course to be short/long”? Occasionally, races can be mismarked, have to take detours cause of construction/flooding/etc., or mistakenly not follow the USATF-certified map. He further goes into detail about how GPS can lose signal in ~cities with tall buildings, “auto lap” not matching up with mile markers, and people adjusting their pace (speeding up/slowing down) according to their watch rather than paying attention to the course markings OR better yet… how they feel. Even worse– what if the technology poops out all together (as mentioned happened to one elite female in this article)– what will you do? [Read more…]