2015 Pan American Games update

teamusaTo update everyone– I’ve been in Toronto for almost 3 weeks now, serving as an Athlete Services Coordinator (ASC) with Team USA for the 2015 Pan American Games. We have 1 more week to go! I haven’t had time to post a blog until now, and for good reason… we’ve been working our butts off! It’s been “Go” since July 1st when we arrived. Every day has had it’s own unique challenges. As hard as we’ve worked, it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve been trying to post daily pics/updates on social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook), so you can follow my daily journey there. [Read more…]

19th marathon win, working with PT, dog bite, US 100K Team, PanAm Games, and US 50K Team

A lot has been happening lately, as I try to finish up work experiments before I head to Toronto on July 1st…

Feeling great and breaking out the Skechers summer gear.

Feeling great and breaking out the Skechers summer gear.

The past month I’ve been able to progress my training back to normal marathon mileage (120+ miles per week), while slowly adding back small amounts of quality. I’m trying to remember to chronicle all of my training on Strava– you’re welcome to follow me! I’ve felt aerobically very strong and overall good! Conor proposed that I go run a low-key marathon in Maryville, Missouri and then try to bounce back the next day for a marathon in Iowa (to knock off a new State). I was stoked for the challenge– we saw it as great prep for the 100K! [Read more…]

Skechers shoe lineup- 2015

skechersThe past several months, I’ve been able to put the newest Skechers shoes to the test. Below is a review of my own thoughts and personal experience with each model in the Performance shoe lineup and how I’m utilizing each of them. Each person’s feet and mechanics are different, so you’d have to try the shoes for yourself to figure out what you like best!

To give some background: I’ve been a “minimalist” since Dec. 2003, training/racing/preferring lightweight, flexible road flats. I’ve also averaged over 100 miles per week since Nov. 2006, with 90-95% of it on asphalt/concrete. I’m a pure road racer, most recently racing up to a 100K road race (in the Skechers GoRun Ride 4s). With as much that I consistently run, I’m keenly (and quickly!) aware of whether a shoe works for me and my body!

[Disclaimer: I’m sponsored by Skechers, as part of their Elite Running Team. I first tried a pair of GoRuns back in 2012 before I was sponsored by them, per the recommendation by Meb Keflezighi. They helped me get over a longtime foot issue I had. The past year being sponsored by them is the best my feet have felt in years!] [Read more…]

Let our own light shine to light up the world!

The beginning- That time when I started running in high school and I decided to go out and see how long I could run until I felt tired!

The beginning- That time in high school when I decided to go out and see how long I could run until I felt tired! I didn’t have a watch yet, but it was approx. 9-10 miles judging by the clock in the kitchen (the furthest I’d previously run was about 4 miles). Mom was proud and snapped this shot when I finally came home. :)

The past few weeks, I’ve continued to digest the weight and significance of my first 100K and only my second ultra to complete. It’s really opened my eyes to what I’m capable of in the ultra world.

I was a bit scared when I hit 50K under American Record pace on such a challenging course. I intentionally backed off, thinking that was too ambitious on the first try and not knowing “what lies ahead” and how I’d begin to feel. I wanted to finish and not be completely knocked out, as happened when I knocked myself out running ill at Comrades last year [edit: ironically, I read last night that ultra great, Ann Trason, DNFed her first Comrades due to a stomach virus- she went on to win it twice, http://www.comrades.com/1996!]. Having gotten through the 100K now, I have a lot more confidence in what I’m capable of and knowing I can push myself all out for the full distance.

Knowing I have the potential to do some remarkable feats in the ultra world the next 10-20 yrs, I have to remind myself of the following quote by Marianne Williamson: [Read more…]

3rd win at OKC Memorial Marathon- toughest, but most memorable!

Thanks to a few Cokes, I was able to finally leave the Medical Tent and do a post-race interview!

Thanks to a few Cokes, I was able to finally leave the Medical Tent and do a post-race interview!

This past weekend I won my 3rd OKC Memorial Marathon- my hometown race and became the first three time winner! Of course, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the inspiration of watching Conor win it twice 11-12 years ago and then guiding me on this crazy marathoning path! This one was the toughest but most memorable marathon!

While I’ve done marathons on back-to-back weekends, this was my first time to attempt a marathon after an ultra. To describe how it felt: Doing marathons on back-to-back weekends is like running with a bear on your back the second half. Major props to my Marathonguide.com teammates who do fast marathons on back-to-back DAYS! However, doing 100K plus a marathon within 2 weeks … is like running with a bear on your back PLUS a 50 lb backpackThat was the most extreme challenge I’ve ever attempted for sure. There is nothing I love more, though, than pushing the mental and physical limits, testing the human will… and most importantly inspiring people along the way! How do we know what’s possible, until we try?!

I also set a new personal best for racing miles in a month, 114.55 miles (and 153.85 racing miles the past eight weeks!). Omg!!! [Read more…]