Carmel Marathon- Win #13/State win #10!

This weekend I won my 13th marathon and 10th State win at the Carmel Marathon in Carmel, IN- 2:43+! I was feeling really good going into this race, coming off a near 5K PR last weekend. I thought I could bounce back from Knoxville and have a stellar performance like I did at the 2011 NYC Marathon (when I bounced back from the PanAm Games). Well, a few days can make a big difference…


What started as some debri in my shoe that rubbed a blister in my arch, turned into a whole collection of infected, painful, pus-filled blistered the preceding 48-72 hrs before the race.

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Scratch the 100K, add the Carmel Marathon!

Stranger things have happened before….

This past weekend I signed up at the last minute to go run a 5K up in Wichita. Knowing how I’ve responded in the past, if I do something speedy after a marathon (like where I actually have to lift my knees!), it helps me recover faster. There was also the incentive of a little bit of $$$, so I figured it was worth it to get paid to run (rather than do a workout at home)!

Sooo… after slogging it out all week to recover from the hills in Knoxville, I woke up at 4:45am and got in my car at 5:10am to drive up to Wichita (2:40 drive). The whole drive up there, I’m trying to convince myself to turn around, go back home, and get back in bed. Then, the sun came up, and I started to feel more at peace that I really was going to race a 5K.

Diva Dash

Ok, maybe I'm crazy too!

Ok, maybe I’m crazy too!

Once I got there, I stepped out of the car and noticed women in tutu’s posing for pictures. Yesss… this was a DIVA DASH– an all-women’s race where people dress in pink, tutus, and take race selfies! I felt really out of place– the only thing more awkward might be me showing up at a Color Run and seeing how fast I could run while throwing paint on myself. Then again, I did run a marathon in a PINK Spiderman suit, so maybe my crazy self belonged with a bunch of ladies in pink and tutus….

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Knoxville Marathon- win #12/State win #9!

Breaking the tape at Knoxville Marathon.

Breaking the tape at the Knoxville Marathon. (photo by Wade Payne of the Knoxville News Sentinel)

At the Knoxville Marathon this weekend, I won my 12th marathon and 9th state to win in (going for wins in all 50 States), in a time of 2:44:27! This was my 3rd marathon in 6 weeks, as I prepare for Comrades in June. I’ve also won an HM and an 8K the past month, as I’m working my legs at all different paces.

Why Knoxville?

1) Try and get a win in TN (finished 2nd at Memphis in ’07, so had to come back to TN to attempt it again.)

2.) My sponsor,, does the registration for the race, so I like to support races who support my sponsors (and thus me!). Thank you to both my sponsor and Knoxville for your hospitality!

The Comrades Ultramarathon course- a a lot of hills and downhill in the 2nd half.

The Comrades Ultramarathon course during the “down” yrs- a a lot of hills and downhill in the 2nd half.

and, 3) BECAUSE IT LOOKED FREAKIN’ HARD! Most people at my level wouldn’t purposely pick a hard course, as they’re aiming for a peak race/effort. This was definitely NOT a PR-type-of-course! I did it to prepare my legs for the hills/downhills and grind I’ll experience going 89K at Comrades. This meant running with a level of control and patience and trying to push the second 1/2 of the race (Comrades during the “down” years is nearly always won with negative splits, with a little help from gravity!). [Read more...]

Back in USADA drug testing pool, first international competition, and other stories

Tulsa Run 2004, back when I started getting serious with my running.

Tulsa Run 2004, back when I started getting serious with my running.

When I made the commitment in 2004 to pursue my running to the fullest, I believed through hard work and applying my knowledge from my degree, I could go as high as my body would allow. I chose to pursue my running, because I couldn’t live with the thought of knowing I had talent and wondering “what if” I hadn’t pursue that ability to the fullest. We only get a short window of opportunity in life to pursue our athletic talent… thus, away I went, taking a leap of faith and venturing into the unknown!

panamgames2011When I made my first US Team, 2011 Pan American Games, I felt like I’d arrived. All those years of hard work, perseverance, and having committed myself… “way back when”… had finally come to fruition! I had to pinch myself it even happened- was it a dream? No, it was for real… and very very gratifying!

Along with being notified I’d made the Pan American Team, I was also notified I was now part of the USADA National Drug Testing Pool. [Read more...]

New territory- entered in the US 100K Championship!

6 yrs ago (before I went crazy with the marathoning), the sensible science person in me said I’d never do ultras cause that can’t be good for your body!

Flash forward a few years (and many marathons later!)… 1 1/2 yrs ago, I told my sponsor I’m a marathoner with the mentality of an ultra runner. Meaning– I have the leg speed/stride built for the marathon, but my mind wants to go run all day at a slower pace and enjoy the freedom of time and traversing all over with my legs. I now want to push my physical limits of both speed and endurance, regardless of whether it’s good for the body (or not)! You may have heard this quote, which epitomizes my life philosophy.

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the
intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well
preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,
chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body
thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
“WOO HOO what a ride!”

The great Ann Trason!

Well, I’m officially entered in the US 100K Championship/Mad City on April 12th in Madison, WI! [Read more...]