Running Boston; when things don’t go perfectly

Hey everyone, I’m officially announcing that I’m running Boston in 10 days!!! This will be my first time! You can read the article below on which elite Americans are running, but this isn’t fully correct (Paige Higgins scratched…Ruth isn’t running). It looks like my good friend Mary and I will be duking it out for Top American! Should be quite fun.

Reyes, Akor, and Herron in Boston Marathon [Read more…]

Setting goals and taking a leap.

We are a week+ post-Olympic Marathon Trials. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m FIRED UP about the next 4 years! The next 4 years is going to be a process, a journey…. a metamorphosis. As I said on my Facebook page last Sunday, “Leaving Houston highly inspired! I know what I need to do the next 4 years.” I want to explain what I mean– where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I see myself going. [Read more…]

Read of the Month– stick-to-itiness, embracing the journey, and mixing it up

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m a voracious reader and frequently post the “must reads”. Yesterday there was a posting by my friend and Olympian, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, on why she thinks she is getting faster with age. Here’s the article . I couldn’t agree more with EVERYTHING she says– it’s all so true, particularly the first point about tenacity. [Read more…]

The Little Things: Heart rate training and heart rate based progression runs

Something that has been a key reason for my development and success as a marathoner is: heart rate (HR) training. I’ve used a heart rate monitor off and on over the years, mostly just for recovery purposes but the last few years for progression runs as well. It has been an extremely helpful tool for making sure I’m running slow enough to recover, while also seeing a progression in aerobic fitness, such that I can sustain a faster pace with a lower heart rate. I don’t wear my HR monitor every day, nor am I slave to it, but it’s a useful tool to wear every once in a while for recovery runs (acting as a “leash”) and progression runs. [Read more…]

The 15K that turned into a tailgating, drinking, and eating crawl

Man oh man, where to begin on this past weekend! I will skip talking about Napa for now (need to collect and put together pictures)…. and talk about the most ballistic, legendary road racing experience ever!

My original intentions was to train specifically for the Gate River 15K Champs (or attempt the Snickers Marathon and then stay in Jacksonville to do the 15K). However, about a month ago I got talked into doing the Napa Valley Marathon the weekend before, which sounded awesome too. Having done back-to-back races in December (Dallas White Rock and the XC Club Champs), I figured I could pull it off, as I’ve gotten used to recovering from marathons and mentally and physically bouncing back quickly. [Read more…]