2013 Jan.-June Race Schedule and… ultramarathon debut!

I’ve updated my Race Schedule with the races I’m definitely doing between Jan.-June of next year. Check it out!

2013 Jan.-June Races

The race that has me most excited right now is I’m making my ultramarathon debut at Two Oceans Ultramarathon in Cape Town, South Africa! It’s 56K (~34.7968 miles), so it’s a reasonable step-up from the marathon. I’m grateful for the Nedbank Running Club’s willingness to sponsor me for this race. Besides Comrades Ultramarathon, this is probably the second most competitive/lucrative ultra in the world. It bills itself as, “The most beautiful marathon in the world”. The 50K World Record was set here (3:08), which also means the possibility of going for the American Record. However, I hear it’s a very hilly course, so the priority will be to place as high as I can and roll with the course/conditions. Mississippi Blues Marathon will be a good early test, since it’s the hilliest course I’ve run in the US. Mercedes is fairly hilly too. Otherwise, I’ll be doing a lot of strength work and using my Hyperwear Weight Vest for part of my hill runs like I did last winter/spring.



  1. Joaquin Pena Martinez. says:

    Camille I wish the best in you new goals. And I do believe you will accomplish them. Always showing your dedication towards new goals. Blessings.

  2. Wow! That’s great news, and sounds like a great next step to challenge you and keep the motivation high! Best of luck in 2013!

    Has SpiderWoman ever made an appearance at Two Oceans? Might as well set a few records during the same race!

  3. Do elite runners get time to tour? I hope so, because South Africa has many beautiful and culturally interesting locations to check out. Wishing you well with your 2013 races.

  4. Joaquin Pena Martinez. says:

    Camille like said earlier I know you will accomplish your goals. Your are a true warrior at heart and always look forward to be ready when the time of your events to be ready. The way you keep motivated is key for success. My blessings. To you next to your family and friends.


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